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Kensuke Post Office

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13 March 01... *Updates!* This page is to offer the most shameless array of Ken/Daisuke/Kaizer/Kensuke(NOT Aida!) fannish adoration. Look for cutting essays (hm!) and not-mainstream pictures. You will find few scans from the show here... instead, I will host interesting Doujinshi scans (from my own collection).

Daisuke's Inbox: Doujinshi

13 March upload. All scans from "Natsubon," a doujinshi by Yukiko Oikawa. I have 3 total doujinshi from this group, each with around 30-40 pages. One of the themes of the other two doujinshi is how much fun it is to dress Ken up in girl's clothes... this one seems to be more "straight" in that respect. This upload includes a set of pictures that seems to occur the day after the 4th movie, and include several cute pics of Ken and Dai sleeping together and bathing together. Alas, this is not yaoi... but the shounen ai is unapologetic and very nice.

All of these images have been scanned by me and will be rotated on a periodic basis. These are for your personal enjoyment only; do not use these on your web site without my express permission (which generally will be granted on a very exclusive basis, so be warned). I am offering you high-quality scans which are large and sequential. Please do not abuse my trust, thanks.

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Ken's Inbox: Essays and Fanfic Reviews

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