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this is a travesty!


Here you will find some of my own artwork, collected in easy links. Enjoy! (of note: my scanner? Not the best. These images look a LOT better in person!)

Taking Digimon in Vain

Ken in an actual French soccer uniform!*new*

Flyaway Hair*new*

Me and The Boys*new*

Ken gets a Lift

Ken's Portrait

Daisuke's Portrait

My Valentine's Day Top Image

CK...Just Be.


Miyako and Iori, chillin'

For Irhista Lhail, who gave me the idea

Ken As We Want Him

A Kinder Kaizer (for my story, "Kinder Nation")

Ken from the Sidelines

Ken, Kari,Yolei, and the PT Cruiser ...a preliminary sketch


These are some pictures I drew because I wanted to give them to people. I am not currently taking requests; if you want a picture drawn by me, charm me. That's it. *grins* These pictures are reserved for the use of the person that they were given to. Please respect this; all of my other pictures can be used if you link back to my site and credit me properly. Not these. I think that's pretty fair.

For Flair: An Evil Looking Kari with some decent Photoshopping

For Akira Ichijouji: because she wrote a DAMN fine story!

For Kay: because she wanted to see Ken and Daisuke as Mononoke Characters