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Ken drowning

Sternschnuppe: Falling Star

My new obsession: Digimon.


Are you a bit unsure as to who I am? Well, why don't you read on and learn a little bit about me, my passions etc. After all, there is nothing more amusing then educating yourself about a complete stranger who exhibits absolutely no real-world manifestations in your life. For the terminally curious, a bio is humbly included for your perusal.

You used to have good taste! What happened?

Yeah, yeah. Life can't be all about Lord Byron and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I like Digimon because it has a good story, fascinating character designs, and Ken. I can forgive it *anything* for Ken.

I think Digimon is goofy, but okay: fine. What kind of things do you offer on this site?

The same thing I always offer: pretention. Randon German quotes, photoshopped scans (thanks to Shadowchaser for these!), fanfiction (mostly Kensuke), and fanart. A few of the links on this page don't point directly to the Digimon content...I trust that any sophisticated browser will figure out how to use my site.

Why Ken?

The obvious rejoinder is "why not?", and its not much more complicated then that. I just like the way that boy thinks. He impresses me. I'm not going to try change any hearts here...I figure that his brilliance is available to anyone with access to Fox Kids, so why belabor the point?



Like the kanji promises, here you will find the links to my content pages.

IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE. This page, from the HTML design up to the written content, is the property of Kathleen Pilchowski. Most of the pictures are mine as well, except for the Kare-Kano pics that are leftover from my original page design. Those pictures have been appropriately credited down below. In particular, I'd like to stress that I don't want to see my Digimon pictures or stories archived on your site unless you have asked for, and received, my permission. I worked hard to write the stories; the pictures are more then just scans, but actual drawings I did myself (for the most part). I am more then pleased to make this work publicly available, and I hope that if you like my work, you will point people to my site. I really hope that this is all I have to say about this.





IMPORTANT CREDIT: I have included a few pictures from the anime series "Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo" on these pages. I would be amiss if I did not credit the site I got them from. For a complete look at the "KareKano phenomenon, look no further then:AME:Karekano(this site appears to be down indefinitely. it was cool and will be missed!)

Thank you for visiting. Come again whenever it is convenient for you!

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